More From the Magic Kingdom

So we finished off our first day (and I'm only highlighting the big ones) with the Tower of Terror and the Grizzly River Run. For me the best thing of the whole trip was the Tower of Terror. I hope to never forget the experience. The unexpected thrill of the ride was amazing. I think I was so scared that it gave me the giggles. I could not stop laughing. Kyle was sitting next to my dad and the poor kid was just terrified. I had my purse with me and had stuck my leg through the strap and it was a darn good thing I did because first thing it went flying up and got caught on my knee. My mom said my hair was standing straight up. When I think about it even now two months later - I get the biggest smile on my face and have to hold the giggles in. My kids even forgave me by the next day and wanted to go back for more! If you haven't been on that ride - you have just got to go! I think for me the greatest thing I got from the trip would be the 1st time experiences my kids had - to see the expressions on there faces was priceless.....And lets not forget the Grizzly River Run - our last ride of the day. And don't think we didn't plan it that way - we were soaked!

And then it was Wednesday and we were off to Disneyland! And our first stop was Goofy's Kitchen to see if we could get a table and how long we'd have to wait for it. I had called the night before to make reservations and the guy kinda laughed at me....But we did great - only about 40 minutes, if that. It was very fun - I'm glad I didn't let the guy on the phone discourage me. We took advantage of all the photo ops too!

As we entered Disneyland I had that overwhelming urge to recognize something - but it wasn't until we got to Frontier Land that I was finally able to say "Okay, I remember this". Not sure if it's changed that much - I just wasn't able to recall it from my memory. Surprise, Surprise! We did all of the big attractions - although we never made it back to the Finding Nemo ride - that was the only ride that had a tremendous line. I did force my family to take the Jungle Cruise - they really didn't think it would be fun. But of course, after we exited they agreed with me - it's hilarious! I think I liked Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn the best. No wait I liked Space Mountain too! That was great. Karlee and mom skipped that one. For some reason Karlee got it into her head that she didn't want to go on it. I think she would have really liked it - but she and mom had fun wandering the nearby stores while waiting for us to exit.
We again ended our day with the Grizzly River Run which had no line and we went on it 4 times in a row and just drenched ourselves! Karlee and I had started on the ride first while Kyle and Kevin went to Soarin' Over California again. Karlee and I happened to see Kyle and Kevin take off as we exited, so we ran up to the viewing point and watched them get absolutely soaked by the big geyser! Then we talked them into going again with us - Kevin was pretty sceptical at first - but then figured he was already soaked to the bone what difference did it make.....

That evening we ended the night with the downtown Disney Parade. What a treat. We had trouble finding a place to eat and were worried that we'd miss it or be so far back as to not be able to see anything - but it all worked out in the end! Definitely worth it! Hindsight I think I'd try harder to get there earlier for curbside seating.....


Table Talk

We were listening to Christmas music while eating dinner tonight and the song Merry Christmas from the Family by the Dixie Chicks came on and this discussion ensued.

Me: I just love this song, I think it's funny

Karlee and Kyle: Me too!

Kevin: I'm not a big Dixie Chick fan

Karlee: Why daddy?

Kevin: Well I think they sing fine, I just don't like there political view point

Kyle: Do they sing about that daddy?

Kevin: Well.....

Karlee: Do they say cuss words daddy?

Kyle: Like P!nk? She says a** (he didn't say it - he spelled it)

Karlee: Yeah Daddy P!nk says lots of French words - she uses all the French words in her songs

Kevin: French words?

Karlee: You know daddy, like when you say "Excuse my French" after you say a cuss word.

Lovely!......Proud moment! I guess my kids have figured out why I turn the volume down and then back up on certain songs.....

The Happiest Place on Earth

So we got to Disneyland with no troubles. I sat in the van on the way from the airport looking for something familiar and never found it. I lived in Brea, not far from Disneyland, until I was 9. I did live in the valley for about 2 years after high school - but that is very far removed from Orange County. But I do have some fond memories of going to Disneyland a couple of times with Carolee and Koriann when I lived with them - our favorite ride was the Jungle Cruise.

So the first day we did California Adventure and I have so say, all in all, that was my favorite part of the park during the day. We did the Soarin' over California first to warm the kids up, then went straight on to California Screamin'.....See how much fun we had......

I'm not sure really who had the most fun: the adults? or the children? I guess I didn't say that part.....My parents treated our kids to Disneyland and we just tagged along. My parents have taken each of their grandchildren when they turn 8 to Disneyland. We saved them a trip and waited until Kyle was tall enough to go on all of the rides (we only stuffed his shoes with paper towels on one ride - Autopia). What a blast. Okay more later!


On Our Way

Kyle in the cockpit!
Trying on the face mask....

Well the time has come for me to finally post about our trip to Disneyland in October. This may be the first of a few installments because I have decorations to put out and things to do today! So our trip began at the Sacramento Airport and as we were loading onto the plane, the stewardess grab Kyle and took him into the cockpit with the pilots. He was in there for quite a while. I finally handed my camera to her and asked her to take some pictures. On his way out they handed him a packet with crayons and coloring book - and of course his own set of wings. We were flying Southwest and were all pretty shocked that they treated Kyle to going into the cockpit. At the time I wasn't sure if this was now standard practice or not. But when heading home they took Karlee in there as well - didn't get a picture of that - but she got to talk over the intercom and said hello to all of us from inside the cockpit. So I'm still not sure if its common practice to do that these days, my kids happened to be the only kids on the flight both directions. All I know is that they will remember it for a long time. I'll be back with more!