Hitting the Slopes

I was so incredibly impressed with my kids this weekend. We took them to Boreal to ski. And they did so good! Something I never did as a kid. It was great. We got them up at 5 AM and left the house about 45 minutes later. They were tired but never complained. We tried getting them to nap in the car - but they wouldn't hear of it. And then we got to the hill and they skied for hours! Karlee got to take a semi-private lesson due to lack of participants, just herself and a girl two years older. And Kyle did the Kid's Park class, a large group broken down into smaller groups. I was so proud of them. They rode the chair lift by themselves and skied down the hills. It was great fun! I was talking with Karlee before her lesson and said "so what life skills should you use today Karlee?" And she said "perseverance" and I said "patience". And then I said "can you think of one other?" And she said "Pride" and I was thinking wow! It wasn't what I had expected her to say - but it made me feel really proud of her myself. And now reflecting back on it I have to say it's great that she's found something that she has confidence in doing.
So we all made it home in one piece - exhausted but good! Kyle was the only one to sleep on the way home and it was only for about 1/2 hour. Kyle and I were a bit sunburned on our faces too! As much as I'm enjoying these beautiful days I hope we get the chance to get another ski day in before all the snow goes away again.....!


I'm Tired.....

I had a really rough night last night....To much going on I guess. I've been overbooked and running ragged. I guess it's affecting my sleep. That or the fact that Kevin came home last night after being gone since early Saturday morning. He had gone on a fishing trip to the Smith River again. So I guess after 4 nights alone - which now that I think about it I wasn't really only except the first two nights. The 3rd night I had my youngest come in around 1:30, and on the 4th night my oldest arrived with a tummy ache after repeated trips to the potty and then the youngest was there about an hour later. I have to say with Karlee I never really mind because I can probably count on both hands how many times she's come into our room in the night and she's 8. Now Kyle his is a totally different story. He'd be there every night if he could. We have been laying down the law for about the last 5 years - oops! He's 6...... Just kidding (okay, maybe slightly). He goes in phases. He really hasn't been in during the night for a couple weeks. I think he tunes into the fact that dad is missing and I need company. It always starts the trend again. I had a while back said no more sleeping in my bed and said he could sleep on the floor next to me, but he can't wake me up. That way I'm never surprised when I put my feet down in the morning and I don't feel carpet. And so last night having Kevin back must have thrown me off. I was awake from 1 am to 4:30 am - that I know of.... Of course the other obstacle is the dog. She's been back in the house for about 3 or 4 months - and she's on thin ice with me. I'm really trying for my families sake to keep her in. But lately she wakes me up sometimes 3 times in a night. And this is after I've let her out before going to bed. I think she just likes checking out the yard. It's driving me crazy. I can hear her wondering around the house on the hardwood floors and drives me nuts! So of course last night I finally drifted off about 3:30 and was startled awake with someone standing over me.....I just moaned and said "no, no, no. You go back to your room, mommy can't sleep and you are waking me up - go back to your room, I love you son - but you have to go to your room". And then I told Kevin that he had to deal with it. Which meant following behind Kyle and turning off all the lights he turned on to get back to his room! But you see Kevin couldn't hear me because his snore machine was making soooooo much noise that he hears nothing. Sometimes I wish for the snoring again. That thing can be so noisy. Kevin insists it's white noise. But I'm hear to tell you it's not! When that thing is pointed in your direction about a foot from your face - it is not white noise. It's really like a persistent wind blowing above your head. The thing needs to be glued in place at night, because when it gets moved just a hair - it starts howling. So I'm a bit grouchy today - and Kevin's solution was that I take the kids to school and come home and go back to bed......Yeah right! Since I have such a life of leisure, maybe I'll stop off at the store on the way home too and get some bon bons!