Happy Anniversary Baby!

Jan. 1992
Today marks the day of our 15th Wedding Anniversary.....


Our Wedding Day - May 29, 1993
I met Kevin in February 1988. I was living in So. California at the time. I had come up to Chico to visit my sister on a 3 day weekend. We were introduced at the Blue Max, which is no longer around - it's a music store now (across from Chico VW). We danced the night away. That was back in the day of the Ice House, which stayed open until 4 AM (It's now the Jesus Center). I remember thinking to myself what a great guy he seemed to be - to bad I was leaving to go back to Newbury Park come Monday morning. It was a couple months later when I received a phone call from this guy named Kevin, he asked if I remembered meeting him. Honestly we were in a large group and I had met a lot of people that night - so no I didn't remember him exactly. He also didn't say "I'm the one that danced with you all night". Anyway, he asked me if I'd like to go out to dinner with him. He was coming to Woodland Hills to help his Aunt move to the bay area. Because he didn't have a vehicle there he asked if I would meet him at his Aunt's house. I remember when I got there I was thinking I really don't know who it is that I'm meeting here. But when he came out of the room I was so relieved it was him. He was the one I was hoping it was - and that was it for me. I knew he was the one that I was going to marry. I went to work the next day and told the ladies that I worked with the same thing...... So I guess you can say the rest is history.
And here we are now - 2 kids, a home - Life's great! Easy? Never! Worth it - yes!


Farewell My Friend

We'll miss you girl!
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