Coffee Drinks Illustrated | Lokesh Dhakar

I'm thinking all coffee shops should have this posted somewhere - awesome. I'm always intimidated when I get to the counter. There is always an awkward moment for me. Like I'm going to be judged on how quickly and accurately I can order. And then the (unintentionally I'm sure) pressure from the person behind me if I'm not decisive enough......Yikes! This is probably why I prefer the drive through! Check it out for yourself! Thanks dad for sending me the link - it was just what I needed!

Coffee Drinks Illustrated Lokesh Dhakar


Check out the Chicks!

The Flower Floozie's are just a bit crazy!....You can find lots of friendly folks at the Barn!
Wow! One year and counting!....

The last year has been great fun at the Plant Barn. My sister has done an amazing job turning it around and really making it a great nursery. She has people coming there on a daily basis in droves. What an amazing accomplishment - she had a dream and now she's living it. Not a lot of people ever get to achieve that. She is very much in her element - she's putting her teaching degree to use everyday by teaching people about plants as well. So anyway - just wanted to wish her a happy anniversary and tell her how proud I am of her! And, You Go Girl!.....