We went to the Red Bluff Round-Up today - and all had a great time. It was an eventful day for the crowd. I'm going to try to stay awake to watch the 11:00 news - just want to be sure no one was seriously injured - I don't think they were but it was hard to tell. They had a bull jump a 6-8 foot fence into the stands. Scary! Two young kids were carried off and at least two adults were injured as well. The event came to a halt at that point as they waited for the ambulances to return. In my nearly 20 years of attending - I'm going to put it all out there and say - that's never happened before. It was the 87th year - so maybe it's happened before - I seem to recall an incident in the North arena one year - but I don't think it was this extreme. I was just commenting to Kevin on the drive up there that I'd sure like to get seats in the section in front of us (it's all bleacher style seating - but the front section has backs to there seats). I think I'll stay right where we are.
Today they had the Clydesdale Budweiser Wagon Show - those horses are truly amazing. No matter how many times I've seen them - it's just spectacular! They also had the One-Arm Bandit again. He is a pretty talented rider. And he brings in two huge Buffalo that are also a part of his act - which I forget they are even around anymore. And of course the show started from the air - my favorite part of the day. A skydiver brings in the American Flag - it's a very nice tribute. We happen to enjoy going on Sunday, the final day of the event. The theme for the day is "Are you Tough Enough to Wear Pink". It's also a fundraising day for Breast Cancer. I learned today that in the last five years (the National Rodeo Association?) they have given 4.6 million dollars to the Susan G. Komen fund. I think that is awesome! Someone in the stands today bought a pair of pink chaps for $22,000.00! All for a good cause..... Also a fun part of today's events are the Wild Ride and the Wild Horse Race. The Wild Ride - the riders dress up in crazy outfits on bareback broncos - what a hoot! With the Wild Horse Race they have 10 teams and they try to saddle up a wild horse and ride it around the track and the first team to succeed wins - usually the horse comes around without the riders. They had lots of winners today. And some that traveled great distances to see their efforts over in less than 8 seconds.....