Things are a Wee Bit......

Well nothing like throwing me some curve balls lately. I would like to remind you all to back up your computers today, tomorrow and everyday after that. You can see how my dad reacted to my loss - here. Because guess what?.....Your hard drive can crash with NO warning at all. I have unfortunately lost everything except some web pages I bookmarked?...... That was a wee bit strange. Yep - not a single photo back to Nov. 2004. I honestly have felt like a member of our family has died. Not a single word document that I typed up. Gone - all of it...... After a day of many tears I'm moving forward. Or I was until I realized that all the music I'd uploaded to iTunes (2004 songs) were gone as well. The thought of sitting there and adding all those CD's again - was not appealing. I guess I didn't realize that my iTunes library was on my hard drive - I thought it was on the web. And on top of that - Apple would only help me transfer the songs I purchased from them. So just be warned. And copy your library often...... There was some good news there - I found this website. And it's all back! Yeah! So it's true - when you hit bottom - things start to look up!
Ps. That would also mean I've lost everyone's email address - so if it's not too much trouble - drop me a line so that I can add you back into my address book:)